How To Run In The Cold Weather

Dripping nose. Watering eyes. Burning lungs. Running outside in the wintertime can feel pretty brutal but consider it a point of pride for braving the cold as others pack into the gym or just give up. Think that running in the cold weather isn’t for you? You’ll probably warm up to the idea if you go about cold-weather running the right way and let your body adjust to the lower temperatures. Follow these tips from John Honerkamp, chief coach of the New York Road Runners, for safely (and even enjoyably) running in the winter. Acclimate The first cold weather run Continue reading

Does Beer Affect Your Training?

Whether grabbing a drink with a friend, recovering from a long week at work, or celebrating a recent accomplishment, it seems like the beer glass can always be filled and raised for a toast. You might think that this doesn’t make sense for runners. Why would health-conscious individuals indulge in something considered so unhealthy? Is it the carbs? The cool refreshment? What does it do to our bodies and how can it affect our performance? Here are a few things to consider before cracking that beer. Before The Race Since beer has carbs, it has to be beneficial for carbo Continue reading