What Should I Eat on Race Day!?

The week of your next race.. the big question is always, “What should I eat on race day?” This question should not just apply on race day though. If you want to really optimize your performance a well balanced diet should be consistent throughout your training. The best thing you can do for your training (and racing) schedule is to get into a routine. Know which food and supplements your body is comfortable ingesting. We’ll save supplement talk for another time, that is a topic in itself. For now lets stick with real food. For anyone training, for any sport, Continue reading

Five, Full-body Exercises for Runners

A common misconception among runners is that you only use your legs. As a runner, you engage a variety of muscle groups including the core and upper body. Full body workouts incorporating two muscle groups saves time while building a stronger AND faster runner. Oh, and the best part: You burn more calories! Chest press with a leg drop: Lie on your back on a bench or mat, legs up, arms holding the dumbbells over your chest. Bring the arms down towards the bench or floor making 90 degree angles then press the weights back up over your chest. Once Continue reading

Recover, Recover, Recover! – With Protein Brownies!

As distance runners, we live in a constant cycle of destruction and adaptation. Getting your recovery right is vital for staving off muscle soreness and improving your performance. I love to come up with great new ways to recover after a long run or a hard workout. Ideally you want to refuel within 30 minutes after running as your body needs essential nutrients to kick start the growth and repair process after a hard training session. Both carbohydrates and protein are critical for full recovery after training. Carbohydrates are the body’s main fuel source, and are stored as glycogen in Continue reading