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Gregory Laraia ATC is an Athletic Trainer, Running Coach and a competitive runner in the greater NYC area. Greg graduated from East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania where he competed all four years on the Cross Country and Track teams. During his time at East Stroudsburg Greg competed at the NCAA Division II level earning multiple All Region and All conference honors. As an Athletic Trainer, Greg has experience from middle school students up to division I collegiate athletics performing injury assessments, rehabilitation exercises and therapeutic modalities to all types of athletes. Greg is FMT Rocktape Certified and has experience working with patients from an orthopedic outpatient Physical Therapy clinic where he educates patients on proper rehabilitation techniques. With a passion for helping patients and athletes alike, Greg joins the team providing the highest quality care to help athletes reach their goals.

Hill Repeats Are.. Fun?!

I don’t think anyone has ever said “Man, I love doing hill repeats!”.. unless you’re a little crazy already! Most coaches will throw a hill workout into a normal routine every so often to spice things up. What’s the purpose? Why is coach making us do this? Hills are terrible! Actually, hills will make you a faster and more efficient runner; and not just for the obvious strength and power gains from trudging up a monster hill. You will develop enhancements in breathing, posture, cadence, and mechanics efficiency. From horizontal propulsion you will also improve economy by reducing vertical bounce Continue reading

Helping You Heal From Muscle Strains and Ligament Sprains Faster

As a runner you have most likely not gone your whole career without any aches, pains or injuries. Some of the most common injuries tend to be muscle strains and ligaments sprains. Although these are not typically the most serious of injuries they do need to be taken care of to prevent further tissue damage or possible re-injury. When you encounter a muscle strain or ligament sprain be prepared with some basic tips to help you recover faster. Prompt Treatment Most of you out there usually try to either run through it or just wait it out. First off it Continue reading

Chafing… A Runners Worst Enemy

Ahh, chafing. Uncomfortable to run with and unpleasant to talk about. It’s one of the last things you want to happen during a race, a workout of even your daily run. Chafing is extremely uncomfortable and it always happens in the worst of places. Let’s take a look at chafing, what causes it, where it happens and how to help prevent it! So, what is chafing… Chafing is irritation of the skin caused by friction, from either other body parts or an article of clothing you may be wearing. There are a few different areas of the body were chafing usually occurs Continue reading

Runner’s Knee? No Problem!

Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (PFPS) also known as “Runner’s Knee” is probably one of the most annoying injuries any runner can face. We’re going to dive into how to adapt your running gait to help prevent and treat Runner’s Knee. I am really not a fan of changing someone gait dramatically, but I am a fan of giving cues to make a runner more efficient and more functional. Running is a very individual thing and everyone is different. Not everyone will run the same because everyone is built differently. So how can there be only one way to run? Well, there Continue reading

What Should I Eat on Race Day!?

The week of your next race.. the big question is always, “What should I eat on race day?” This question should not just apply on race day though. If you want to really optimize your performance a well balanced diet should be consistent throughout your training. The best thing you can do for your training (and racing) schedule is to get into a routine. Know which food and supplements your body is comfortable ingesting. We’ll save supplement talk for another time, that is a topic in itself. For now lets stick with real food. For anyone training, for any sport, Continue reading