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Stop Negative Self-Talk During a Race!

Most of us know the part of getting through a race that is physical, but there is also a strong mental component that can just as easily break you down. When it comes to training for – and then crossing the finish line at a marathon (or your first 5 or 10K) – you need your brain as much as you need your legs. You face a lot of fatigue, mentally and physically, and it gets very challenging. You want to remember that we control our mind, it does not control us. The next time you have one of those Continue reading

What Kind of Running Shoes Should I Get?

“What kind of shoes should I get for running?” I get this question all of the time from clients. The answer is simple: It all depends on what works for you. Everyone has a different brand of shoe that is ideal. Do you over-pronate? Do you have a high arch? These all require a specific shoe type. Visit your local running specialty store and ask for a Running Gait Analysis where they will take a video of you running on a treadmill. Based on your form, they will fit you in the proper shoe. Once you purchase running shoes, do Continue reading

What Should I Eat on Race Day!?

The week of your next race.. the big question is always, “What should I eat on race day?” This question should not just apply on race day though. If you want to really optimize your performance a well balanced diet should be consistent throughout your training. The best thing you can do for your training (and racing) schedule is to get into a routine. Know which food and supplements your body is comfortable ingesting. We’ll save supplement talk for another time, that is a topic in itself. For now lets stick with real food. For anyone training, for any sport, Continue reading

The Benefits of Stair Climbing

January 8th, 2014 is the second annual Take the Stairs Day. Started in 2013, the USA Stair Climbing Association declared the 2nd Wednesday in January as the annual Take the Stairs Day for all of us to take the stairs rather than the elevator or escalator. They remind us that we don’t need any special equipment and we can do it indoors, out of the weather. Stairs are a great way to add intensity to our running workout. The same old winter routine can get boring after a while. Treadmills, elliptical and exercise bikes, oh my! But you can change Continue reading

How To Run In The Cold Weather

Dripping nose. Watering eyes. Burning lungs. Running outside in the wintertime can feel pretty brutal but consider it a point of pride for braving the cold as others pack into the gym or just give up. Think that running in the cold weather isn’t for you? You’ll probably warm up to the idea if you go about cold-weather running the right way and let your body adjust to the lower temperatures. Follow these tips from John Honerkamp, chief coach of the New York Road Runners, for safely (and even enjoyably) running in the winter. Acclimate The first cold weather run Continue reading