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No Gym, No Problem!

Whether your are on vacation or just can’t to the gym, there is no excuse to skip your workout! There are plenty of full-body exercises that can be done without equipment. This workout will be just as tough as your gym workouts! Push-up Feet Jack: Hands shoulder-width apart. After completing the push-up motion, kick both feet apart then together like a jumping jack. Jump Squats: Squat with feet hip-width apart, toes pointed out slightly. Jump into the air then land back into a squatting position, ensuring your knees do not go over your toes and your heels are down. Jumping Continue reading

Hill Repeats Are.. Fun?!

I don’t think anyone has ever said “Man, I love doing hill repeats!”.. unless you’re a little crazy already! Most coaches will throw a hill workout into a normal routine every so often to spice things up. What’s the purpose? Why is coach making us do this? Hills are terrible! Actually, hills will make you a faster and more efficient runner; and not just for the obvious strength and power gains from trudging up a monster hill. You will develop enhancements in breathing, posture, cadence, and mechanics efficiency. From horizontal propulsion you will also improve economy by reducing vertical bounce Continue reading

Chafing… A Runners Worst Enemy

Ahh, chafing. Uncomfortable to run with and unpleasant to talk about. It’s one of the last things you want to happen during a race, a workout of even your daily run. Chafing is extremely uncomfortable and it always happens in the worst of places. Let’s take a look at chafing, what causes it, where it happens and how to help prevent it! So, what is chafing… Chafing is irritation of the skin caused by friction, from either other body parts or an article of clothing you may be wearing. There are a few different areas of the body were chafing usually occurs Continue reading

Stop Negative Self-Talk During a Race!

Most of us know the part of getting through a race that is physical, but there is also a strong mental component that can just as easily break you down. When it comes to training for – and then crossing the finish line at a marathon (or your first 5 or 10K) – you need your brain as much as you need your legs. You face a lot of fatigue, mentally and physically, and it gets very challenging. You want to remember that we control our mind, it does not control us. The next time you have one of those Continue reading

What Should I Eat on Race Day!?

The week of your next race.. the big question is always, “What should I eat on race day?” This question should not just apply on race day though. If you want to really optimize your performance a well balanced diet should be consistent throughout your training. The best thing you can do for your training (and racing) schedule is to get into a routine. Know which food and supplements your body is comfortable ingesting. We’ll save supplement talk for another time, that is a topic in itself. For now lets stick with real food. For anyone training, for any sport, Continue reading